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What is Crew?

Crew is the sport of row­ing a boat as fast as it will go. At South County we will be row­ing sweep boats and in the future sculling boats. The sweep boats have 4 or 8 rowers and are com­manded by a coxswain sit­ting in the back of the boat.

Row­ing is a total body work­out. Although upper body strength is impor­tant, the strength of the row­ing stroke comes from the legs. Row­ing is one of the few ath­letic activ­i­ties that involve all of the body’s major muscle groups. It is a great aer­o­bic work­out, in the same vein as cross-country ski­ing, and is a low-impact sport on the joints. Row­ing requires a near-perfect blend of power in the deliv­ery of each stroke, coor­di­na­tion in the bal­ance of the boat, tim­ing of the deliv­ery of the strokes and endurance in the abil­ity to sus­tain that out­put for 1500 meters in a race. The phys­i­cal demands of coor­di­nat­ing the legs, back, upper torso and arms for each stroke, up to 35 strokes per minute over a race last­ing between 4 and 8 min­utes is unlike any other ath­letic endeavor.